Food Safety Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA)

Jet Harvest’s Food Safety Program provides solutions which include pre-harvest crop sanitation, water treatment and post-harvest equipment, disinfection and fruit and vegetable sanitation.

Jet Harvest offers peroxyacetic acid products labeled for pre- and post-harvest applications to support your food safety program and enhance your crop protection solutions. Peroxyacetic acid (PAA) is a safe and effective alternative to chlorine for sanitizing and disinfecting your field, water irrigation, processing facilities and fruit and vegetable packing houses.

Jet-Ag is a pre-harvest field sanitizer to combat a wide range of plant pathogens to help reduce microbial levels and disease problems.

Jet-Ox is a post-harvest sanitizer and disinfectant. It’s used as a spray, dip or fog to control the growth of microorganisms that may cause decay or spoilage.

Peroxyacetic acid (PAA) has the following unique properties;

• high oxidative power

• effluents are biodegradable

• innocuous degradation

• oxygen, water and CO2

• convenient liquid handling

PAA works great for broad spectrum activity against plant and human health pathogens including food spoilage organisms as a algaecide, fungicide and bactericide.

PAA Use Chart

Jet Harvest can assist in sourcing or supplying your post harvest/food safety equipment requirements including; monitoring and water powered dosing systems, portable analysis systems and peracetic acid (PAA) test strips/kits.