The Jet Harvest Solutions® Team

Lucie Grant
Owner and Director of Product Development. Lucie Grant is a Food Science expert from North Carolina State with over 30 years of post harvest experience. Lucie focuses on all Jet Harvest products for technical support and product development and acquisition.
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Bill Grant
Owner, Director of Business Development. Bill has been a Sales/Sales Management specialist for over 25 years and works with distributors nationally to supports sales and marketing for business development.
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Patrick Gibbons
Pacific Northwest Representative. Patrick provides sales and technical support for the Pacific Northwest from his Yakima, WA location.
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Bill Stoneman
Mid-West Representative. Bill Stoneman provides sales and technical support for the Midwest from his Madison, WI location. Bill also supports our EPA/USDA regulatory business.
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Kalan Royal
Florida & Georgia Territory Representative. Kalan joined the Jet Harvest Solutions team in the spring of 2016. He is from Florida and was essentially born and raised in the agricultural industry.
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