Concentrated Bacilli Plant Biostimulant

Beneficial Bacterium – Microbial Inoculants – Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR)

For Use on a wide array of crops including fruits and vegetables, row crops, bedding plants seed, foliar, hydroponics, turf and ornamental crops.
Boost Plant Growth and Health 
Maintain a presence throughout the growing season
Bacilli Strains chosen to stimulate plants natural defenses

Concentrated PGPR Soil Ammendment

5 Microbial Inoculants = 13 Billion cfu/g


Soil/Foliar Spray Application

-By drip or overhead irrigation system

-In-Furrow Application

-As a Soil Drench


Seed Treatment

Hydroponic Systems Application

Transplant, Cutting and Root Dip Applications 

Plant Biostimulant with Soluble Fulvic Acid

Foliar Formulation for Enhanced Activity


Foliar Application using Ground or Ariel Spray System 

Greenhouse Foliar Spray Application

Plant Biostimulant with Soluble Humic Acid

Humic Formulation for Enhanced Foliar Activity


Added to other media

Soil or drench applications

Broadcast or In-Furrow

Blend of 8 proprietary Bacillus strains from 5 Bacillus species 


Boost Plant Growth and Health 

Remediate Soil and Compost Piles 

Replenish Beneficials after Fumigation

Ability to Colonize Rhizosphere of Root Systems 

Improve Plant Vigor

Help with Resistance to Stressful Condition

Increase Root Health, Length – Hairs – Tips

Effective Across a Wide Variety of Crops and Cropping Syste

Increase Microbial and Mycorizal Activity

Promote Nutrient Uptake and Reduce Fertilizer Requirements