Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 8.46.39 PMDefend your cherries against untimely rain events. Cherry Armor™ helps prevent rain cracking and protects cherries during final growth.

Cherry Armor™ is easy to use. Apply twice during the growing season. 45,000+ acres of cherries are treated world wide each season.
~ Reduce cracking = higher packouts and higher returns
~ Protects cherry during final growth
~ Tank mix compatible
~ Allowable for Conventional and Organic. OMRI listed
~ Increases stem retention
~ Food-grade material
~ Better storage life

Cherry Armor™ with glycine betaine, is a proprietary product, derived from sugar beets and used to enhance the tolerance of plant stress from too much water and reduce the severity of cherry cracking.

Cherry Armor Label
Cherry Armor Label 2015 Registered in CA

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