Osmopro is a naturally occurring glycine betaine. In plants, glycine betaine acts as a protectant by adjusting the osmotic balance inside the plant cells and tissue. This anti-stress agent helps the plants overcome environmental stress situations, like drought, high and low temperatures and soil salinity.





Enhances Photosynthesis & Nitrogen Fixation

Increased Resistance to Drought and Salinity

Natural & Safe

Enhances Coloration & Uniformity

Less Physiological Stress 

Improves Flower Retention & Fruit Setting

Glycine Betaine

Glycine Betaine is a water soluble osmoprotectant found in many organisms and plants. In nature, it is synthesized and accumulated in response to environmental stress to protect the plant cell. When sprayed on the plant canopy, OsmoPro penetrates through the plant surface and translocates throughout the plant within 24 hours. It then remains metabolically active for a minimum of 21 days. Glycine betaine is a very small molecule and carries positive and negative charges but overall is neutral which accounts for some of its physiological properties.

Mode of Action

OsmoPro acts as an osmoprotectant in the plant, regulating water flow between the inside and the outside of the plant cell. Under conditions of environmental stress,  OsmoPro helps to maintain the normal osmotic balance and thereby plant cell metabolism resulting in enhanced photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation.

In a well hydrated plant with good quality water there is an osmotic balance within the cell.

When there is excessive external water, such as in high humidity and/or high levels of rain, the outer cell solution becomes more dilute (hypo-osmotic), water flows into the cell, ultimately causing it to swell which, if allowed to continue, can lead to breaking of the tissue and cracking in fruit

With extreme temperatures or high salinity, the outside cell solution concentration is higher than the inner (hyperosmotic) and water flows out of the cell to redress the osmotic balance. This can lead to enzyme and protein denaturation, blocked cellular reactions, and impaired cellular processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, etc. 

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