Peroxyacetic Acid

Peroxyacetic acid (PAA) is a powerful oxidizing agent with outstanding disinfectant properties. It is effective against bacteria, yeasts, mold, and virus. The reason for the excellent and rapid antimicrobial effects of peracetic acid is its specific capability to penetrate through the cell membrane. In the cell, peracetic acid irreversibly disrupts the enzyme system, which in turn leads to the destruction of the microorganism.

We offer four unique product solutions.

Jet-Ag is a field sanitizer for fruits and vegetables and is also our post harvest fogging product.

Jet-Ag 15% which is focused on horticultural applications.

Jet-Oxide 5% used in post harvest and industrial sanitizing.

Jet-Oxide 15% which is used for post harvest, irrigation and cut/processed foods.PAA Use Chart

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